XIV ESH congress

hosted by British Society of Clinical & Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH)

23th - 26th August 2017

British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis
Hypnosis: unlocking hidden potential. The value of hypnosis in communication, health and healing in the 21st century.
Dr. Veit Messmer

Veit Messmer

Hypnosis in Dental Treatment: why, when and how? - A survey of different techniques and methods in Dental Treatment

Hypnosis in Dentistry has seen a revival during the last twenty years, especially in Germany, where the DGZH has generated 1600 certified members who treat patients in hypnosis every day. Dentists need to have quick results; the hypnotic intervention is fast, safe and effective.

It is successfully used for:
- Pain reduction
- Diminishing and eliminating fear and panic states
- Reduction of gag reflex
- Treatment of myoathropathic diseases and malfunctions
- Bruxism
- Positive influence on oral diseases and healing processes after surgery

During this presentation diverse techniques of Dental Hypnosis will be presented, that can be applied in Dental Treatment. They are fast and effective. The speaker’s own concept of what is working very effectively over ten years, will be presented with words, demonstrations and movies.

The audience will get many hints and helpful information for daily practice, that will enrich their own hypnotic treatment, will enrich their own practice in office or clinic, because it works, making patients and the whole team content and happy.

Workshop: Working with Personality parts in dentistry

Who are the patients who come to the Dental office? Are they one, are they many?  And if they are many or seen as that, which parts can be utilized and evoked in hypnosis to make the treatment pleasant and successful?

How can we work with these parts?

In this workshop you will learn how to communicate with all the parts of the personalities, how to make them conscious, how to make uncooperative and obstructive parts join the Dental party.

How to unite all the resources a patient is bringing with him in one culmination point and lift off…..

According to Schopenhauer the will is the strongest power in the universe. Finding access to the will in Hypnosis leads the patients to their strongest inner sources, their own will!

Dr Veit Messmer & Dr Gary B Schmid

Workshop: Quantum Physics & Hypnosis

A simple, and for the layperson easily understandable overview of many important quantum physical concepts (particle-wave duality, uncertainty principle, entanglement etc.) which will be shown to be relevant to hypnosis is discussed.

Quantum theory possesses several unique characteristics which have a fascinating potential for the development of psychological models. The same things which can be said in quantum physics about particles can be just as well expressed in psychology about mentations (sensory impressions, thoughts, feelings, intuitions and imaginations). In particular, five important quantum theoretical relations between the observer and the object under physical observation are unique in physics and at the same time have particular relevance to hypnosis when translated into the language of psychology. These lead to five analog statements about the relationship between the observer and the object under psychological observation.

On hand these relationships, open hypnotic suggestions can be used to enable the establishment of highly unstable, polyvalent mind-body states which can be consolidated by the so-called hidden observer during guided imagery or self-hypnosis leading to five hypnotherapeutic exercises. Participants of our workshop will be able to personally experience these therapeutically relevant mind-body states and will learn how to apply the corresponding techniques within the context of their individual practice.

Quantum physics also provides a fundus on useful metaphors as resources for hypnotherapeutic utilisation. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and to share experiences from their own cases which might be relevant to what they will learn about the connection between quantum physics and hypnosis.

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