XIV ESH congress

hosted by British Society of Clinical & Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH)

23th - 26th August 2017

British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis
Hypnosis: unlocking hidden potential. The value of hypnosis in communication, health and healing in the 21st century.

Saturday 26th August

08.30 - 9.10 Invited Address - Dissociative Disorders and Traumatic Experiences: the Therapeutic Relationship and Treatment
Camillo Loriedo
09.10 - 10.00 Keynote 6 - Hypnosis in Dental Treatment: why, when and how? - A survey of different techniques and methods in Dental Treatment
Veit Messmer
10.00 - 10.40 Keynote 7 - European Hypnosis - The state we are in
Martin Wall
10.40 - 11.10 Coffee break
11.10 - 12.40 Parallel Session 7
Papers Clinical and experimental hypnosis: are they the same?
Michael Heap
Hypnosis as self-deception; Meditation as self-insight
Zoltan Dienes
Workshop Both at the same time - How to treat ambivalence
Annette Fuerst
Workshop Metaphor, Mindfulness and Ericksonian Communication for Hypnotic Healing
Liliana Cane
Workshop Rapid Hypnosis: A practical mastery workshop
Gabor Filo & Ashley Goodman
Panel Silence falls upon the internet; Full Frontal Living
Susan Pinco
Panel Clinical Case Presentations: Advantages of Using Hypnotherapy in Clinical Settings
Psychotherapy Institute in Turkey
Workshop Hypnotherapy for children with functional abdominal pain
Carla Frankenhuis
Workshop From my to I and self esteem
Vilma Trasarti Sponti
Papers Unlock the hidden potential in alcohol addiction
Henriette Walter
Group hypnotherapy for addiction: a dual-diagnosis approach
Denis Mirlesse
The effect of hypnotherapy on Alcohol Dependence/ severe Alcohol Use Disorder
Irene Shestopal
ECH Workshop European Certificate of Hypnosis
Martin Wall and Asa Fe Kockum
12.40 - 13.45 Lunch
13.45 - 15.45 Parallel Session 8
Papers Improving the efficacy of clinical hypnosis for the management of non-specific low back pain and dysfunction
Alan Szmelskyj
Hypnosis in Childbirth
Linda Harel
Its a family affair: healing the child within -
David Byron
Workshop Age regression therapy : an effective method for creating corrective experiences utilizing  hidden resources and others
Michael Schekter & Martine Oswald
Workshop Quantum Physics Unveiling Hypnosis
Veit Messmer & Gary Bruno Schmid
Workshop Hypnosis: medico-legal and forensic issues
Michael Heap
Workshop Treating Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia with Hypnosis - An integrative approach
Jose Cava
Workshop Hypnotic Scaling an Ericksonian Solution Focused Self-Hypnotic technique to resolve any stress, anxiety, depression or other negative emotion
Paul Koeck
Workshop Jediatrics and Jediodontics - the art of rapport, language and communication for health and healing in medicine and dentistry.
Mike Gow
Papers Searching our Sisters: Where are the Women in the History of Hypnosis?
Marianne Martin
Félix Étienne d’Hénin de Cuvillers
Remi Cote
Post-hypnotic responses to hypnotic suggestions: an empirical observation
Vladimir Zelinka
Pathological Postural Scheme Treatment with Hypnosis
Alessandro Fedi
Workshop A hypnotic first aid kit for treating panic and anxiety disorders
Matthias Mende
Workshop Quels sont les apports des techniques d’induction rapide dans ma pratique de médecin anesthésiste
What are the contributions of the quick induction technics in my anesthetic doctor practice (French)

Christian Schmitt
15.45 - 16.00 Break
16.00 - 16.45 The life and discoveries of Dr James Braid: The father of hypnosis
Mike Gow
16.45 - 17.00 Closing Remarks
Peter Naish
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Monday, August 21st 2017

Watch your words

At the EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF HYPNOSIS in Manchester in August,  Mike Gow, a dentist from Scotland would maintain and many would agree, that techniques of rapport, language, and communication taught during hypnosis training are among the most impo Full Story...

Friday, August 18th 2017

Hypnotic intervention in dentistry is fast, safe and effective

Says Dr Veit Messmer from Germany, where over 1600 dental members use hypnosis daily in their work with patients. Dr Messmer, speaking at the EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF HYPNOSIS 2017 Congress in Manchester in August, states that while there is always need Full Story...

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